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Gardening, Building materials & DIY online marketplace UK is a UK online marketplace selling DIY, building materials and gardening supplies and acts as the intermediary between the vendor and the end clients. Bigbromarket’s business model is based on a percentage per transaction (4.5%) with no recurring or set-up fees. Bigbromarket is one of the most innovative platform out there and offers a degree of flexibility for vendors that has no equal. makes it very easy to sell your products online

1  Fill in the vendor registration form on this page.

2 We get back to you with a seller agreement to sign.

3 The set-up of your products is very easy and fast. You share your product metadata. We have a template you can use or you can use your own.

4 Our integration team validates and creates the products for you.

5 You can then manage your products through the vendor dashboard or through your inventory software.

6 You are ready to sell.

Vendor registration form

Sell your tools, DIY and home improvement supplies, construction materials and gardening supplies in the UK.

Once the form is submitted, a member of the vendor team will contact you.


Business model

Bigbromarket has no monthly and set-up fees and you can list an unlimited number of items for free. We only take a 4.5% + 0.20£ commission/transaction.

Brand exposure

By joining Bigbromarket, you will gain better visibility compared with other leading marketplaces. You can set up your own store, manage your SEO and link your store to your social profiles. Your brand exposure will get a huge boost.

Easy integration

Bigbromarket integrates with most of inventory software, so you don’t have to connect to your vendor dashboard to manage your orders.

The vendor dashboard will give you additional features: generate coupons, tickets management, customer support, customized store management…

Vendor protection and support

A dedicated support team helps to manage the complaints process between you and the client.  All client feedback will be filtered and controlled by our team to ensure it is genuine.


Tools & Equipment



Heating & Plumbing

Lighting & Electrical

Building materials

Flooring & Tiling


Painting & Decorating

Landscape & Garden


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  • List an unlimited number of products
  • Manage your metadata : stocks, shipping & payment options, prices, discounts
  • Follow shipping and product deliveries on your dashboard
  • Check your product reviews and communicate with your clients
  • Check your statistics reports : sales & orders, product views.
  • Easily design your store
  • Manage your SEO
  • Link your store to your social profiles : Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr


Why register on Bigbromarket?

What is Bigbromarket?

Bigbromarket UK is a marketplace specialised in tools, DIY and home improvement supplies, construction materials and gardening supplies in UK. We create a platform that enables our vendors to gain visibility and subsequent brand recognition amongst our purchasers. Our vendors can sell their products, create product spec sheets for potential purchasers as well as manage product orders and stock levels on their Vendor Dashboard.

What are the benefits of selling on Bigbromarket?

  • Sign up for free to the Bigbromarket construction directory and increase market visibility for your business
  • Lowest fees on the market: 4.5% transaction fees + 0.20£
  • Unlimited free product listings
  • Access to a wide range of purchasers
  • Manage easily your orders and stock levels via your personal account
  • Create discount codes on an unlimited number of products
  • Manage your SEO

What kind of products can I sell on Bigbromarket?

You can sell most types of tools, DIY and home improvement supplies, construction materials and gardening supplies and register them under the categories displayed on the website. List of categories: Tools, Kitchen, Bathroom, Heating & Plumbing, Lighting & Electrical, Building Materials, Flooring & Tiling, Hardware, Painting & Decorating, Landscape & Garden.

What are the conditions to start selling on Bigbromarket?

Bigbromarket is an open marketplace.You can start selling as an individual or as a company as long as you have a company registration number.
To start selling on the platform you only need to provide your contact details (name, address), and a valid bank account.
Once you reach an amount of 5000£ in sales, you will be required to provide the proofs of your business incorporation such as a company registration number and a VAT number.

Cost and sales

How much does it cost to sell on Bigbromarket?

You will not be asked to pay any registration fees. You will be charged 4.5% per transaction+ 0.20£ ( please, note that an additional banking fee/ transaction will be charged : 1.4% + 0.20£).

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid, you will be asked to create a Stripe account.  Stripe is a payment processing platform for internet business. Creating your account on Stripe is simple and free.
Once you validate an order, the client bank account is charged.  You will be paid 7 days after shipment confirmation on your vendor Stripe account.

What are the conditions of delivery?

Vendors display their own conditions of delivery on their vendor dashboard.  Vendors are therefore able to display terms of delivery that are convenient to them (as long as they comply with the legislation regulating online sales).

How can I upload my products on Bigbromarket?

You can easily upload all your products through your personal vendor account. You have the freedom to modify your product information and prices whenever you wish. The product will have a ‘pending’ status during the time our quality team reviews it (usually this is 1-2 working days).

Vendor protection

How to handle ratings and comments?

On Bigbromarket, buyers have the option of rating and commenting on a product. Ratings are reflected by numbers on a scale of 1 to 5. The benefit of having a ratings system is that it aids in outlining to potential purchasers, a product’s reliability and thus facilitates the purchasing process on our site. It also helps to shine a light on those vendors whose products are rated well, to gain even better visibility on the platform.
If a situation arises where it appears that a rating or a comment made by a buyer is mischievous, vendors are able to report this directly to our dedicated vendor team. The comment may then be removed if it appears it is unwarranted.

How to deal with claims and issues?

If a purchaser has an issue concerning a product received (for instance, if the product does not fit the product description displayed or if it is the incorrect product, the client can then contact you directly via their purchaser account to notify you of the situation.
If a purchaser files a dispute regarding a situation that you are not responsible for, our vendor team will manage the case.